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Biol Cell. 1988;63(2):195-208.

Development and functions of the cytoskeleton during ciliogenesis in metazoa.

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Centre de Biologie Cellulaire C.N.R.S., Ivry-sur-Seine, France.


The different steps of ciliogenesis occurring in quail oviduct were compared to the ciliogenesis pattern described in other metazoan species. Centrioles are generated according to pathways that are found within the same cell: the centriolar and the acentriolar pathways. In the acentriolar pathway, centrioles are generated in the Golgi area, without contact with the preexisting centrioles of the centrosomes, and they migrate toward the apical membrane. The control of this polarized migration was studied by means of several drugs (colchicine, nocodazol, taxol, cytochalasin D, benzodiazepines) and immunocytochemistry. It was suggested that an actin-myosin system was involved in the migration of centrioles, whereas labile microtubules were not necessary. Basal bodies must dock with plasma membrane or cytoplasmic vesicles for the initiation of axonemal microtubule polymerization. This signal is necessary even in the presence of taxol.

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