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Gene. 1988 Jul 15;67(1):1-11.

Isolation of genes expressed in specific tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana by differential screening of a genomic library.

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Laboratorium voor Genetica, Rijksuniversiteit Gent, Belgium.


The small genome size of Arabidopsis thaliana allows the isolation of genes expressed in specific tissues and under controlled conditions by the differential screening of a genomic library, as has been shown previously for yeast and Drosophila. cDNA probes, based on poly(A)+ mRNA isolated from different Arabidopsis organs, were used in colony hybridizations with 1145 randomly chosen genomic clones, representing 27,000 kb of Arabidopsis DNA. Twenty percent of the clones containing low-copy-number sequences hybridized with one or more of the cDNA probes that were synthesized from mRNA isolated from leaves, stems, seed pods, inflorescences, callus tissue, and light-grown and dark-grown plants. Comparison of the colony hybridizations led to the identification of a large variety of clones which contain differentially expressed genes. The pattern of expression was confirmed by Northern analysis. The advantage of the described method is that it yields directly genomic sequences that contain specifically expressed or induced genes. In particular, it circumvents the construction and differential screening of cDNA libraries for every tissue or environmental parameter to be analyzed.

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