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Basic Appl Histochem. 1988;32(1):77-88.

Medullary and mesencephalic neuronal groups reacting to antibodies against VIP, somatostatin and bombesin in adult Gallus gallus domesticus.

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Institute of Human Anatomy, University of Bari, Italy.


The caudo-cranially intermediate one-third of medullary dorsal region, the periaqueductal grey and the rostro-ventral portion of the midbrain tegmentum of adult chickens were studied in detail by means of the PAP-DAB procedure, to define further the main morphological features of the neuronal populations that in previous studies had shown VIP (Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide),-Somatostatin (SRIF)-, and Bombesin-like immunoreactivities. In the medulla, VIP-like immunoreactivity was detected within neuronal bodies and processes and extended down to the cervical spinal cord. SRIF-like immunoreactivity was seen only within nerve cell processes, at least a part of which could be sensitive fibre terminals. Bombesin-like immunoreactivity was observed only within neuronal processes. In the periaqueductal grey, all 3 immunoreactivities were detected within perikarya and neuronal processes, with a higher density cranially. In the rostro-ventral portion of the midbrain tegmentum, VIP-like and Bombesin-like immunoreactivities were detected (the latter being located somewhat more cranially) both in neuronal bodies and in processes. SRIF-like immunoreactivity was found in this region only in long neuronal processes.

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