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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1988 May 16;152(3):1361-8.

Clostridium spiroforme toxin is a binary toxin which ADP-ribosylates cellular actin.

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Unité des Anaréobies, UA CNRS 557, Paris, France.


We have purified from Clostridium spiroforme strain 246 an heterogeneous population of proteins (Sa) ranging from 43 to 47 kilodaltons exhibiting ADP-ribosyl transferase activity as do C. botulinum C2 toxin component I or the ia chain of C. perfringens E iota toxin. C. spiriforme Sa had alone no activity upon injection in mice or inoculated to Vero cells. When spiroforme ADP ribosyl transferase were mixed with a trypsin activated protein (Sb) separated from C. spiroforme bacterial supernatant, a lethal effect in mice and cytotoxicity on Vero cells were recorded. The Sa cross-reacted immunologically with either the light chain of C. perfringens E iota toxin or the ADP-ribosyl transferase from C. difficile 196 strain. No immunological relatedness was observed between Sa and C2 toxin component I. C. spiroforme toxin is thus another binary toxin close to iota.

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