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Fundam Clin Pharmacol. 1987;1(4):243-52.

Effect of modafinil on pancreatic exocrine secretion in rats. A comparison with adrafinil and related drugs.

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INSERM U239, Faculté X. Bichat, Paris, France.


The effects of modafinil and adrafinil, 2 drugs that induce locomotor hyperactivity, and those of the parent compounds CRL 40467 and CRL 40385, were studied on the external pancreatic secretion of anaesthetized and conscious rats. In anaesthetized rats modafinil, adrafinil, and CRL 40385 antagonized the central vagal stimulation of protein output induced by 2-deoxy-D-glucose in the pancreatic juice. In conscious rats, modafinil and adrafinil inhibited the output of protein in the basal interdigestive pancreatic secretion. Modafinil was more active than adrafinil as an inhibitor of pancreatic secretion. The effects of modafinil and adrafinil were different from those of sympathetic amines and dopamine: they did not stimulate the output of bicarbonate in anaesthetized rats, and pancreatic inhibition observed in conscious rats was not inhibited by either yohimbine or prazosin.

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