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J Gen Microbiol. 1987 Apr;133(4):891-8.

Interaction of lactoferrin and transferrins with the outer membrane of Bordetella pertussis.

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Division of Bacterial Products, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, London, UK.


Bordetella pertussis was able to grow in vitro under conditions where the only iron present was bound to the iron-binding proteins ovotransferrin, transferrin or lactoferrin. Under these conditions the bacteria produced neither hydroxamate nor phenolate-catecholate siderophores to assist in the procurement of iron. Examination of B. pertussis outer-membrane preparations by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting showed that the iron-binding protein ovotransferrin was bound directly to the bacterial surface. Assays of the binding of radiolabelled transferrin by the bacteria showed that the association was a specific process and that there was turnover of the bound proteins. Competitive binding assays indicated that lactoferrin could be bound in the same way. It is suggested that B. pertussis obtains iron directly from host iron-binding proteins during infection.

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