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Soft Matter. 2017 Oct 11;13(39):7085-7089. doi: 10.1039/c7sm01447c.

A novel supramolecular polymer gel based on naphthalimide functionalized-pillar[5]arene for the fluorescence detection of Hg2+ and I- and recyclable removal of Hg2+via cation-π interactions.

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Key Laboratory of Eco-Environment-Related Polymer Materials, Ministry of Education of China, Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials of Gansu Province, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, Gansu 730070, P. R. China.


The development of novel materials for the detection and removal of Hg2+ is a very important issue due to the acute toxicity of Hg2+. Herein, a novel supramolecular polymer P5BD-DPHB has been constructed by the collaboration of a naphthalimide functionalized-pillar[5]arene host (P5BD) and a bis-bromohexane functionalized-pillar[5]arene guest (DPHB). P5BD-DPHB could form a stable supramolecular gel (P5BD-DPHB-G). Interestingly, P5BD-DPHB-G shows selective fluorescent "turn-on" detection for Hg2+via cation-π interactions with high selectivity and sensitivity. Furthermore, the Hg2+ coordinated supramolecular gel P5BD-DPHB-HgG can detect I- successively. The detection limits for Hg2+ and I- are 1.65 × 10-9 and 1.84 × 10-8 mol L-1, respectively. Even more significantly, the xerogel of P5BD-DPHB-G could remove Hg2+ from aqueous solution with excellent recyclability and ingestion capacity, and with a Hg2+ removal rate of 98%.


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