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Front Neuroinform. 2017 Aug 8;11:50. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2017.00050. eCollection 2017.

Approximate Subject Specific Pseudo MRI from an Available MRI Dataset for MEG Source Imaging.

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Center for Biosignals, Korea Research Institute of Standards and ScienceDaejeon, South Korea.


Computation of headmodel and sourcemodel from the subject's MRI scan is an essential step for source localization of magnetoencephalography (MEG) (or EEG) sensor signals. In the absence of a real MRI scan, pseudo MRI (i.e., associated headmodel and sourcemodel) is often approximated from an available standard MRI template or pool of MRI scans considering the subject's digitized head surface. In the present study, we approximated two types of pseudo MRI (i.e., associated headmodel and sourcemodel) using an available pool of MRI scans with the focus on MEG source imaging. The first was the first rank pseudo MRI; that is, the MRI scan in the dataset having the lowest objective registration error (ORE) after being registered (rigid body transformation with isotropic scaling) to the subject's digitized head surface. The second was the averaged rank pseudo MRI that is generated by averaging of headmodels and sourcemodels from multiple MRI scans respectively, after being registered to the subject's digitized head surface. Subject level analysis showed that the mean upper bound of source location error for the approximated sourcemodel in reference to the real one was 10 ± 3 mm for the averaged rank pseudo MRI, which was significantly lower than the first rank pseudo MRI approach. Functional group source response in the brain to visual stimulation in the form of event-related power (ERP) at the time latency of peak amplitude showed noticeably identical source distribution for first rank pseudo MRI, averaged rank pseudo MRI, and real MRI. The source localization error for functional peak response was significantly lower for averaged rank pseudo MRI compared to first rank pseudo MRI. We conclude that it is feasible to use approximated pseudo MRI, particularly the averaged rank pseudo MRI, as a substitute for real MRI without losing the generality of the functional group source response.


ICP registration; MEG source imaging; MRI; headmodel; pseudo MRI; sourcemodel

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