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Drug Deliv. 2017 Nov;24(1):1191-1203. doi: 10.1080/10717544.2017.1365395.

Hierarchical pulmonary target nanoparticles via inhaled administration for anticancer drug delivery.

Chen R1, Xu L1, Fan Q1, Li M1, Wang J1, Wu L1, Li W1, Duan J1,2, Chen Z1,2.

Author information

a College of Pharmacy , Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine , Nanjing , China.
b Collaborative Innovation Center of Chinese Medicinal Resources Industrialization , Nanjing , China.


Inhalation administration, compared with intravenous administration, significantly enhances chemotherapeutic drug exposure to the lung tissue and may increase the therapeutic effect for pulmonary anticancer. However, further identification of cancer cells after lung deposition of inhaled drugs is necessary to avoid side effects on normal lung tissue and to maximize drug efficacy. Moreover, as the action site of the major drug was intracellular organelles, drug target to the specific organelle is the final key for accurate drug delivery. Here, we designed a novel multifunctional nanoparticles (MNPs) for pulmonary antitumor and the material was well-designed for hierarchical target involved lung tissue target, cancer cell target, and mitochondrial target. The biodistribution in vivo determined by UHPLC-MS/MS method was employed to verify the drug concentration overwhelmingly increasing in lung tissue through inhaled administration compared with intravenous administration. Cellular uptake assay using A549 cells proved the efficient receptor-mediated cell endocytosis. Confocal laser scanning microscopy observation showed the location of MNPs in cells was mitochondria. All results confirmed the intelligent material can progressively play hierarchical target functions, which could induce more cell apoptosis related to mitochondrial damage. It provides a smart and efficient nanocarrier platform for hierarchical targeting of pulmonary anticancer drug. So far, this kind of material for pulmonary mitochondrial-target has not been seen in other reports.


Inhaled administration; drug delivery; hierarchical target; mitochondria; pulmonary anticancer drug

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