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Scand J Gastroenterol. 1987 Mar;22(2):233-8.

Somatostatin inhibition of intrinsic factor secretion from isolated guinea pig gastric glands.


The aim of our study was to examine the direct effect of somatostatin on histamine- and pentagastrin-stimulated intrinsic factor (IF) release in collagenase-dispersed guinea pig gastric glands. The effect of somatostatin (10(-11) M to 10(-6) M) on half-maximal doses of histamine (10(-6) M), pentagastrin (10(-6) M), and both histamine and pentagastrin together was tested. All tested concentrations of histamine significantly stimulated IF release. Pentagastrin (10(-10) M to 10(-6) M) inconsistently stimulated IF release. The quantity of IF release stimulated by histamine and pentagastrin together was approximately the additive sum of that produced by either agent alone. Somatostatin (10(-6) M) inhibited histamine-stimulated (10(-6) M) IF release by 69.9 +/- 7.2% and the combination of histamine (10(-6) M) and pentagastrin (10(-6) M) by 64.2 +/- 9.1%. This is the first in vitro demonstration that somatostatin inhibits IF release.

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