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Cell. 1987 Jan 16;48(1):157-64.

A trans Golgi-derived exocytic coated vesicle can contain both newly synthesized cholinesterase and internalized transferrin.


We used a cholinesterase-mediated density shift protocol to investigate the movement of internalized transferrin (Tf) through endo- and exocytic coated vesicles (CVs) in the perfused rat liver. Upon internalization, exogenous 125I-Tf was found in endocytic CVs but not in cholinesterase-containing (i.e., exocytic) CVs (0-40 min). Between 1 and 2 hr, 125I-Tf began to appear in exocytic CVs. The origin of the exocytic CV was further investigated. After perfusion of the liver with asialotransferrin, the exocytic CVs were shown to contain resialylated Tf, indicating that the trans Golgi was the origin of this class of CVs. The resialylated Tf accumulated in the extracellular medium with kinetics very similar to the time course for appearance of Tf in cholinesterase-containing, exocytic CVs, suggesting that these CVs are directly involved in the transfer of material from the trans Golgi to the cell surface.

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