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EMBO J. 1986 Oct;5(10):2503-12.

Insulin-like growth factor I receptor primary structure: comparison with insulin receptor suggests structural determinants that define functional specificity.


To identify structural characteristics of the closely related cell surface receptors for insulin and IGF-I that define their distinct physiological roles, we determined the complete primary structure of the human IGF-I receptor from cloned cDNA. The deduced sequence predicts a 1367 amino acid receptor precursor, including a 30-residue signal peptide, which is removed during translocation of the nascent polypeptide chain. The 1337 residue, unmodified proreceptor polypeptide has a predicted Mr of 151,869, which compares with the 180,000 Mr IGF-I receptor precursor. In analogy with the 152,784 Mr insulin receptor precursor, cleavage of the Arg-Lys-Arg-Arg sequence at position 707 of the IGF-I receptor precursor will generate alpha (80,423 Mr) and beta (70,866 Mr) subunits, which compare with approximately 135,000 Mr (alpha) and 90,000 Mr (beta) fully glycosylated subunits.

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