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Cell. 1986 Dec 26;47(6):1079-90.

A bipotential neuroendocrine precursor whose choice of cell fate is determined by NGF and glucocorticoids.


Adrenal medullary endocrine (chromaffin) cells and sympathetic neurons both derive from the neural crest. We have found that the embryonic adrenal medulla and sympathetic ganglia are both initially populated by precursors expressing neural-specific genes. By birth, however, the medulla consists largely of chromaffin cells. In primary culture, the medullary precursors have three developmental fates: in NGF they continue to mature into neurons and survive, whereas in glucocorticoid they either extinguish their neuronal properties and exhibit an endocrine phenotype, or else continue to develop into neurons but then die. These data suggest that, in vivo, the adrenal medulla develops through both the glucocorticoid-induced differentiation of bipotential progenitors and the degeneration of committed neuronal precursors, which have migrated into the gland.

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