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Brain Res. 1986 Jun;396(2):97-155.

The hypothalamic arcuate nucleus-median eminence complex: immunohistochemistry of transmitters, peptides and DARPP-32 with special reference to coexistence in dopamine neurons.


In this paper, we describe the results of a series of experiments which have examined the distribution within the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus of neurons containing the following immunoreactivities: TH-LI, GAD-LI, NT-LI, GAL-LI, GRF-LI, Met-ENK-LI, Leu-ENK-LI, Met-ENK-7-LI, Met-ENK-8-LI, metorphamide-LI, DYN-LI, NPY-LI, SOM-LI, FMRFamide-LI, and CLIP-LI and ependymal tanycytes containing DARPP-32-LI. Using elution-restaining and double antibody staining techniques we have established numerous patterns of coexistence of these various neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. Thus, neurons containing TH-LI were, in some instances, also found to contain GAD-LI, NT-LI, GAL-LI, GRF-LI, Met-ENK-8-LI, Leu-ENK-LI, or DYN-LI or combinations of these compounds. For example, some TH-IR neurons also contained GAL-LI and GRF-LI, while other TH-IR. neurons were also seen to contain GRF- and NT-LI. These neurons may, in fact, contain even more compounds. NPY-IR neurons and those containing SOM-LI and CLIP-LI were distinct and separate from those containing TH-LI. The distribution of these different neurochemical types of neurons and their patterns of coexistence are summarized in Fig. 34, while the relative distribution patterns of immunoreactive fibres in the median eminence are summarized in Fig. 35.

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