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ACS Sens. 2017 Jun 23;2(6):789-795. doi: 10.1021/acssensors.7b00156. Epub 2017 Jun 12.

Versatile Barometer Biosensor Based on Au@Pt Core/Shell Nanoparticle Probe.

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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Washington State University , Pullman, Washington 99164, United States.


There is a high global demand for sensitive, portable, user-friendly, and cost-effective biosensors. In this work, we introduce a barometer-based biosensor for the detection of a broad range of targets. The device is operated by measuring the pressure change produced by oxygen (O2) generation in a limited chamber using a portable barometer. The design employs core-shell Au@Pt nanoparticles (Au@PtNPs) as the bioassay probe to catalyze the decomposition of H2O2 and the release of O2. As a proof of concept, we developed barometer-based immunosensors to detect carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and ractopamine (Rac). In addition, barometer-based aptasensors for sensitive detection of thrombin and mercury ion (Hg2+) were also developed. In order to facilitate the analysis of results, we have developed smartphone software to calculate, save, and wirelessly trsnsmit the results. Linear detection ranges for detection of CEA, Rac, thrombin, and Hg2+ were 0.025-1.6 ng/mL, 0.0625-4 ng/mL, 4-128 U/L, and 0.25-16 ng/mL, respectively. The detection limit of these four analytes is 0.021 ng/mL, 0.051 ng/mL, 2.4 U/L, and 0.22 ng/mL, respectively. Furthermore, the developed barometer-based biosensors exhibited high specificities for these four analytes. CEA in serum samples, Rac in urine samples, thrombin in serum samples, and Hg2+ in river water samples were measured by the barometer-based biosensors. Obtained results of these targets from barometer-based biosensors were consistent with detection results from traditional methods, indicating that barometer-based biosensors are widely applicable.


aptasensors; barometer-based biosensors; core−shell Au@Pt nanoparticles; immunosensors; nanocatalysts


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