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J Ultrastruct Res. 1985 May;91(2):127-37.

Centriole size modifications during the cell cycle of the amoebae of the mxyomycete Physarum polycephalum.


Anterior and posterior centrioles of Physarum amoebae are indistinguishable by their size during interphase but there is a correlation between the size of the two centrioles in the same amoeba. The interphase length of centrioles in diploid amoebae possessing only one pair of centrioles was 11% longer than in the case of the haploid strain. Treatment with taxol led to a 23 and 32% increase of the mean length in interphase and blocked mitosis, respectively. Conversely, during control mitosis the parental centrioles showed a 12% decrease of their mean length while the size of the daughter centrioles increased progressively. Neither nocodazole nor cold treatment induce a decrease of centriole length. The mean length of the cartwheel structure (internal proximal part) although constant during mitosis could be increased 24% in the presence of taxol. Similarly there was a correlation between the number of anterior satellites and the centriole length.

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