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Skeletal muscle characteristics of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.).


Fibre type composition, fibre areas, capillaries, enzyme activities and intramuscular substrates were analysed on skeletal muscle samples from reindeer. The muscles contained 10-20% Type I fibres and a higher percentage of Type IIB (40-60%) than Type IIA fibres (20-40%). All fibre types revealed medium or dark staining intensity for oxidative capacity. Glycolytic capacity was greatest in Type IIB fibres. All fibres stained for glycogen, while Type I and IIA fibres stained for lipids. The mean number of capillaries in contact with fibres of each type, relative to fibre type area was high in all muscle types. The metabolic profile of reindeer muscle indicates that energy, to a great extent, is produced through oxidative pathways.

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