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Am J Chin Med. 2017;45(5):1061-1074. doi: 10.1142/S0192415X17500574. Epub 2017 Jun 28.

Gypenosides Ameliorate Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Liver Fibrosis by Inhibiting the Differentiation of Hepatic Progenitor Cells into Myofibroblasts.

Chen J1,2, Li X1,2, Hu Y1,2, Liu W1,2, Zhou Q1,2, Zhang H1,2, Mu Y1,2, Liu P1,2,3.

Author information

* Key Laboratory of Liver and Kidney Diseases (Ministry of Education), Institute of Liver Diseases, Shuguang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201203, China.
† Shanghai Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201203, China.
‡ E-Institute of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai 201203, China.


Gypenosides (GPs), the predominant components of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, exert antifibrotic effects; however, the mechanisms underlying their ability to ameliorate liver fibrosis are unclear. Liver fibrosis was induced in C57BL/6 mice via subcutaneous injection of 10% carbon tetrachloride (CCl[Formula: see text] three times a week for two weeks. Then, CCl4 was administered in conjunction with intragastric GPs for another three weeks. For in vitro analyses, WB-F344, hepatatic progenitor cells (HPCs) were treated with transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-[Formula: see text]1) with or without GPs for 48[Formula: see text]h. The results showed that alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and aspartate transaminase (AST) activity, deposition of collagen, hydroxyproline content, and expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin ([Formula: see text]-SMA) and collagen type I (Col I) were significantly decreased after treatment with GPs ([Formula: see text], [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text]). In the 5M CCl4 group, the expression of HPC markers, Sox9 and cytokeratin 19 (CK19), was significantly increased compared with the normal or GPs-treated group ([Formula: see text], [Formula: see text]). Immunostaining showed that the number of Sox9 and [Formula: see text]-SMA double-positive cells was higher in the 5M CCl4 group than in the normal group, but the addition of GPs caused this cell number to decrease. In WB-F344 cells, the expression of [Formula: see text]-SMA and Col I was significantly increased after treatment with TGF-[Formula: see text], whereas in the GPs treatment group, expression was markedly decreased ([Formula: see text]). The levels of TGF-[Formula: see text] and TGF-[Formula: see text]R1 were markedly reduced after GPs treatment both in vivo and in vitro. In conclusion, GPs ameliorated CCl4-induced liver fibrosis via the inhibition of TGF-[Formula: see text] signaling, consequently inhibiting the differentiation of HPCs into myofibroblasts.


Gypenosides; Hepatic Progenitor Cells; Liver Fibrosis; TGF- Signaling

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