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Obstet Gynecol. 1985 Sep;66(3 Suppl):16S-18S.

Use of tocolytic drugs to reverse oxytocin-induced uterine hypertonus and fetal distress.


The use of oxytocin in labor has the inherent danger of producing uterine hyperstimulation with resultant fetal distress. When produced by gradual titration of intravenous oxytocin, discontinuation of the medication is usually sufficient to reverse the process. However, the rapid administration of a large intravenous dose of oxytocin, as occurred in this patient, may result in hypertonic uterine contractions and fetal distress unresponsive to traditional measures. The rationale for using a tocolytic drug to reverse the uterine hypertonus, produce intrauterine fetal resuscitation, and prevent cesarean section is discussed in this report.

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