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Peptides. 1985 Jan-Feb;6(1):75-8.

Analgesic effects of dynorphin-A and morphine in mice.


To investigate whether or not dynorphin-A is analgesic, the effect of this peptide was tested in comparison with that of morphine in mice. Dynorphin-A produced a potent analgesic effect in the acetic acid writhing and tail pinch tests, but a weak effect in the tail flick test when given by intracerebroventricular injection. In contrast, morphine caused a potent analgesia in all the tests. Dynorphin-A was more effective when given by intrathecal injection than by intracerebroventricular injection, whereas morphine was equipotent by both injection routes. The results suggest that dynorphin-A is analgesic and that its analgesia may be differentiated from that of morphine.

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