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Neuron. 1988 Jul;1(5):355-65.

Imaging of cytosolic Ca2+ transients arising from Ca2+ stores and Ca2+ channels in sympathetic neurons.

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Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut 06510.


Changes in cytosolic free Ca2+ concentration [( Ca2+]i) due to Ca2+ entry or Ca2+ release from internal stores were spatially resolved by digital imaging with the Ca2+ indicator fura-2 in frog sympathetic neurons. Electrical stimulation evoked a rise in [Ca2+]i spreading radially from the periphery to the center of the soma. Elevated [K+]o also increased [Ca2+]i, but only in the presence of external Ca2+, indicating that Ca2+ influx through Ca2+ channels is the primary event in the depolarization response. Ca2+ release or uptake from caffeine-sensitive internal stores was able to amplify or attenuate the effects of Ca2+ influx, to generate continued oscillations in [Ca2+]i, and to persistently elevate [Ca2+]i above basal levels after the stores had been Ca2(+)-loaded.

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