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Gene. 1988 Sep 30;69(2):215-23.

Localization, analysis and evolution of transposed human immunoglobulin V kappa genes.

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Institut für Physiologische Chemie, Universität München, F.R.G.


The localization of V kappa gene regions to chromosome 2, on which the kappa locus is located, and to other chromosomes is described. The V kappa genes that have been transposed to other chromosomes are called orphons. The finding of two new V kappa genes on chromosome 22 is reported. A V kappa II gene of this region and two V kappa I genes of the Chr1 and the cos 118 regions were sequenced. The two V kappa I orphon sequences and two others that had been determined previously were 97.5% identical, indicating that they may have evolved from a common ancestor by amplification. A model of the evolution of the human V kappa orphons is discussed.

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