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Curr Genet. 1988 Nov;14(5):471-6.

Different mitochondrial gene orders among insects: exchanged tRNA gene positions in the COII/COIII region between an orthopteran and a dipteran species.

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Institut für Zoologie III, Universität Düsseldorf, Federal Republic of Germany.


We have cloned and sequenced a 2.65 kb segment of the mtDNA molecule of the orthopteran insect Locusta migratoria. It harbors the genes for four mitochondrial tRNAs, for cytochrome c oxidase subunits II and III and for ATPase subunits 6 and 8. The order of the locust genes resembles that of Drosophila yakuba: in both insects the genes for COII and ATPase 8 are separated from each other by the genes encoding tRNA(lys) and tRNA(asp), but in the locust, the positions of the two tRNA genes are reversed. This leads to a different mitochondrial gene order in the two insects.

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