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Folia Biol (Praha). 1988;34(3):147-69.

Avian nephroblastomas induced by a retrovirus (MAV-2) lacking oncogene. II. Search for common sites of proviral integration in tumour DNA.

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Institute of Molecular Genetics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha.


To demonstrate the existence of a common site of integration in independent tumour clones, restriction mapping of the vicinity of integrated MAV-2 proviruses in nephroblastoma DNA was performed, using Southern hybridization with an MAV-2 specific probe U3(pAT). The results have shown that (1) nephroblastomas are of semiclonal origin. (2) Nephroblastoma cells contain an average of 5 clonally located integrated proviruses per diploid genome; they do not contain any detectable amount of non-integrated proviruses. (3) In the DNA from independent nephroblastoma clones, there appear at an increased frequency Tth111I fragments of 14.6 and 17.8 kb that hybridize with the U3(pAT) probe. Considering a random selection of integration sites, such coincidence is of little probability. Thus we suppose that these fragments represent a common site(s) of integration with an MAV-2 proviral insert. Two hypotheses concerning possible mechanisms of nephroblastoma induction are discussed: proto-oncogene insertional activation and anti-oncogene insertional inactivation.

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