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Virology. 1988 Dec;167(2):507-14.

Intertypic genomic rearrangements of poliovirus strains in vaccinees.

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Division of Virology, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Herts, United Kingdom.


In vivo intertypic RNA recombination has previously been observed in excreted type 3 poliovirus isolates from a normal asymptomatic primary vaccinee. This study examines isolates from additional primary vaccinees to determine whether intertypic recombination is a general occurrence in excreted polioviruses. T1 RNase oligonucleotide finger-printing and limited dideoxy primer extension RNA sequencing demonstrated no evidence of intertypic recombination among type 1 or type 2 excreted strains. However, vaccinees excreting type 3 strains for long periods of time eventually produced recombinant strains involving either type 1 or type 2 poliovirus. Moreover, a characteristic time course of appearance of excreted type 3 intertypic recombinant polioviruses was established. Type 3/type 1 and type 3/type 2 recombinant strains appeared at Days 10-11 with a single crossover site in the gene for nonstructural protein 2C. Type 3/type 2/type 3 complex recombinant strains with an additional crossover site in the polymerase gene replaced type 3/type 2 strains at approximately Day 28. A significant portion of the genome of the type 3 Sabin vaccine strain is thus replaced during long-term excretion by vaccinees, and the appearance of some genomic arrangements coincided with a base deletion at the 3' terminus.

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