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Polim Med. 2016 Jul-Dec;46(2):117-127. doi: 10.17219/pim/68170.

Investigation and Optimization of the Effect of Polymers on Drug Release of Norfloxacin from Floating Tablets.

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Shri Bhagwan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad, India.
Government College of Pharmacy, Osmanpura, Aurangabad, India.



Norfloxacin is fluoroquinolone anti-infective used in the treatment of urinary tract infections, prostatitis, gonorrhea and genital tract infections. It has plasma half life of 3 to 4 h requiring multiple dosing in the treatment. Releaseretarding polymers can be used to modulate the drug release of norfloxacin.


The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of release-retarding polymers on the drug release of norfloxacin from floating tablets.


Norfloxacin was procured as a gift sample from Concept Pharma Ltd. Aurangabad (India) and HPMC K100M was procured as a gift sample from Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd., Goa (India). The tablets were prepared by direct compression method and various pharmaceutical parameters were evaluated.


It was observed that all tablet formulations F1-F9 retained the drug release up to 12 h with good floating property but only Batch-F4 complies with the USP dissolution limits with a minimum floating lag time. The drug release kinetics were evaluated by the model-dependent (curve fitting) method using PCP Disso v3 software shows Batch-F4 shows to best fit with Peppas model for which R2 value was 0.9921 and the release exponent value was 0.6892.


The drug release kinetics study indicates that the floating tablets release the drug by diffusion followed by erosion mechanism. Obtained in-vitro drug release data was analyzed by design expert software for drug release at first hour and at 12th h values and found that release the selected independent variables like HPMC K100M and sodium alginate concentration has a significant effect on drug release.


drug dissolution; floating drug delivery systems; gastroretentive drug delivery systems; norfloxacin

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