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Biochemistry. 1988 Mar 22;27(6):2083-7.

A fourth type of rabbit protein kinase C.

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Department of Molecular Biology, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan.


Three rabbit cDNA clones coding for three types of protein kinase C (PKC alpha, beta, and gamma) have recently been identified and the structures determined [Ohno, S., Kawasaki, H., Imajoh, S., Suzuki, K., Inagaki, M., Yokokura, H., Sakoh, T., & Hidaka, H. (1987) Nature (London) 325, 161-166]. By use of these cloned cDNAs as hybridization probes, a fourth type (delta) of cDNA clone, which encodes a protein highly homologous to PKC alpha, beta, and gamma, was identified. PKC delta is composed of 697 amino acid residues and contains several peptide sequences determined at the protein level with the brain PKC preparation. This indicates that this molecular type (PKC delta) is, along with PKC alpha, beta, and gamma, a constituent of the brain PKC preparation. Sequence comparison among the four PKC types revealed that PKC delta is somewhat distinct from the other PKC types. PKC delta shows 99% amino acid sequence identity with rat PKC type I [Knopf, J. L., Lee, M.-H., Sultzman, L. A., Kriz, R. W., Loomis, C. R., Hewick, R. M., & Bell, R. M. (1986) Cell (Cambridge, Mass.) 46, 491-502], indicating relationship of these PKC types. The mRNA for PKC delta is exclusively concentrated in the brain.

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