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Mol Gen Genet. 1988 Apr;212(1):66-70.

Cloning and characterization of the gene, speC, for pyrogenic exotoxin type C from Streptococcus pyogenes.

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University of Minnesota Medical School, Department of Microbiology, Minneapolis 55455.


The structural gene of streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin type C (SPE C) was cloned from the chromosome of Streptococcus pyogenes strain T18P into Escherichia coli using pBR328 as the vector plasmid. Subcloning enabled the localization of the gene (speC) to a 1.7 kb fragment. Partially purified E. coli-derived SPE C and purified streptococcal-derived SPE C, were shown to have the same molecular weight (23,800) and biological activities. A DNA probe, prepared from cloned speC, cross-hybridized with the structural genes of SPE A and SPE B indicating relatedness at the nucleotide level. The speC-derived probe also hybridized to a fragment of CS112 bacteriophage DNA containing the phage attachment site.

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