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Mol Biol Evol. 1987 Jul;4(4):351-63.

Distributions of two recently inserted long interspersed elements of the L1 repetitive family at the Alb and beta h3 loci in wild mice populations.

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  • 1Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Institut de Biologie, Montpellier, France.


The presence of the L1 sequences, L1Md4 next to the pseudogene beta h3 and I12 found in the twelfth intron of the albumin gene, in certain strains of laboratory mice but not of others has led to the suggestion that these sequences were recent insertions into the Mus mus domesticus genome. To be sure that they are really recent insertions and not relics of an ancestral chromosome, we investigated the presence or absence of these sequences in populations of wild mice belonging to the semispecies M. m. domesticus and M. m. musculus as well as in other species of the genus Mus and in related murids. The sequence I12 in the albumin gene was found in 34% of the chromosomes of the wild mice belonging to M. m. domesticus and to a lesser extent (6%) in M. m. musculus. Of 114 M. m. domesticus chromosomes, L1Md4 was found in only nine, seven of which came from the same locality. Its presence was associated with the haplotype Hbbp, which is relatively rare in European populations of M. musculus. Since there was no evidence for the presence of these two L1 sequences in more distantly related species, we conclude that they are recent insertions in the M. musculus genome.

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