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J Cell Physiol Suppl. 1987;Suppl 5:95-9.

Platelet-derived growth factor/sis in normal and neoplastic cell growth.

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Department of Medicine, Jewish Hospital of St. Louis at Washington University School of Medicine, MO 63110.


Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is the major growth factor in serum and a potent mitogen for cells mesenchymal origin. It is a highly basic heterodimeric protein with a molecular mass of approximately 30 kDa and binds to a cell surface receptor with high affinity. The amino acid sequence of PDGF revealed sequence homology to the v-sis gene product of simian sarcoma virus (SSV), a transforming retrovirus. Characterization of cells transformed by SSV has revealed PDGF-related proteins in subcellular organelles and in conditioned media consistent with the autocrine stimulation of cell growth through cell surface receptors and perhaps through an internal autocrine mechanism as the growth factor and its receptor are processed. PDGF is also a potent chemotactic agent for inflammatory and other mesenchymal cells and has been implicated in normal tissue repair processes such as wound healing, as well as in aberrant proliferative processes like atherogenesis.

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