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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1987 Sep;84(18):6379-83.

Sequence of MET protooncogene cDNA has features characteristic of the tyrosine kinase family of growth-factor receptors.


We isolated overlapping cDNA clones corresponding to the major MET protooncogene transcript. The cDNA nucleotide sequence contained an open reading frame of 1408 amino acids with features characteristic of the tyrosine kinase family of growth factor receptors. These features include a putative 24-amino acid signal peptide and a candidate, hybrophobic, membrane-spanning segment of 23 amino acids, which defines an extracellular domain of 926 amino acids that could serve as a ligand-binding domain. A putative intracellular domain 435 amino acids long shows high homology with the SRC family of tyrosine kinases and within the kinase domain is most homologous with the human insulin receptor (44%) and v-abl (41%). Despite these similarities, however, we found no apparent sequence homology to other growth factor receptors in the putative ligand-binding domain. We conclude from these results that the MET protooncogene is a cell-surface receptor for an as-yet-unknown ligand.

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