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Scand J Dent Res. 1978 Sep;86(5):392-8.

Experimental Candida-induced denture stomatitis in the Wistar rat.


An experimental model of yeast-induced denture stomatitis has been set up in the rat by inoculating Candida albicans on the fitting side of a maxillary acrylic plate retained by an orthodontic band around the incisors. Thirty-eight Wistar rats were used in two series of experiments with an observation period of 2 weeks. In each of the series there were one control and three experimental groups. Control rats were left untreated, while rats of the experimental groups wore either uninoculated or inoculated plates, or had their palatal mucosa smeared with the yeast. For cytologic examination the palate was scraped in Series I and the fitting side of the plate in Series II. After 1 week a generalized simple inflammation had developed in the palate of most animals of the experimental groups. It was most severe and persistent in rats with inoculated plates. Histologic signs of inflammation and hyphal formation were also most pronounced in this group. Hyphae did not invade the epithelium. Except for an initial loss of body weight, which was restored by day 10 or 12, the rats tolerated their plates. The Wistar rat seems to be well suited for experimental studies on denture stomatitis.

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