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J Comp Neurol. 1989 Nov 8;289(2):213-27.

Prenatal development of GABA-ergic neurons in the neocortex of the rat.

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Netherlands Institute for Brain Research, Amsterdam.


The present study shows that in the prenatal rat neocortex the GABA immunoreactive neurons are not limited to the marginal, subplate, and intermediate zones, but are also found in all fetal zones of the cerebral anlage. The first GABA-ergic cells are observed on embryonic day 14 in the plexiform primordium. On embryonic day 15, a second population of GABA-ergic cells is observed in the intermediate zone. Beginning on day 16 of gestation and continuing throughout gestation, GABA-ergic neurons are observed in the marginal zone, the subplate zone, the cortical plate, and the ventricular and subventricular zones. Furthermore, while the number of GABA-ergic cells in the cortical plate increases, GABA-ergic neurons in the intermediate zone and subventricular zone decrease in number after embryonic day 19.

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