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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1978 Sep;75(9):4115-9.

Chemical determination of polypeptide hormones.


The presence or absence of peptide hormones in tissue extracts may in certain cases be demonstrated by exposing the extracts to conditions under which characteristic fragments of the polypeptide molecule in question are formed and then analyzing for such fragments. An approximate quantitation of the hormones may also be achieved thereby. In the present work the COOH-terminal fragments of polypeptides containing characteristic alpha-amide groups were released enzymatically and then converted into the fluorescent dansyl derivatives, which were identified by thin-layer chromatography. In this way the presence of secretin, cholecystokinin, and the vasoactive intestinal peptide in concentrates of porcine intestinal extracts were demonstrated by their COOH-terminal amide fragments: valine (or leucylvaline) amide, phenylalanine amide, and asparagine (or leucylasparagine) amide, respectively. The analytical methodology used in the present study may also be useful in devising simple and reliable chemical assay methods for the isolation of already known polypeptides and in the isolation of previously uncharacterized polypeptides from natural sources.

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