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Iran J Med Sci. 2016 May;41(3 Suppl):S54.

Psoriasis and Topical Iranian Traditional Medicine.

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Faculty of Iranian Traditional Medicine, The School of Iranian Traditional Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.



Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin, nails, and joints disease related to the immune system by periods of exacerbations and remissions. It is characterized by thick end, erythematous, and scaling lesions, which affects about 2 to 4 percent of the general population. The disease occurs equally in both sexes and the most common form of the disease is psoriasis vulgaris. The etiology is unknown but genetic and environmental factors, immune system disorders, and gastrointestinal dysfunction appear to be responsible. The aim of this study is to compare psoriasis and Ghooba clinical manifestations and introduce medical treatment of this disease based on authentic books of traditional medicine.


This study is a qualitative literature review based on reliable sources of traditional medicine, such as Canon of Medicine, Makhzan-ul-Adwiah, Qrabadyne kabir, Zakhireh-ye Khwarazm shahi, Tib-e-Akbari and Exir-e-Azam.


Probably, in traditional medicine, the most similar disease to psoriasis is Ghooba. That is scaly lesion concomitant with itching and articular pain in most cases. The causes of disease are poor performance of the liver and spleen and stomach, as well as excessive consumption of foods such as beef and veal, eggplant and fish. Several local treatments such as wheat germ oil, flaxseed oil, black seed oil, and violet oil were recommended.


Psoriasis is a chronic, debilitating physical, mental, and sexual disease for which genetic, environmental and immunological factors are recommended for its etiology. This problem could be treated by the oral and topical medications symptomatically; however, major side effects are associated with recent treatments. Change in lifestyle, prevention issues, as well as herbal therapy are recommended for the treatment of psoriasis in traditional medicine.


Medicine; Psoriasis; Traditional; Wheat Germ Oil


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