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Mol Gen Genet. 1989 Aug;218(2):330-9.

The phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase gene of Corynebacterium glutamicum: molecular cloning, nucleotide sequence, and expression.

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Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge 02139.


The ppc gene of Corynebacterium glutamicum encoding phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP) carboxylase was isolated by complementation of a ppc mutant of Escherichia coli using a cosmid gene bank of chromosomal C. glutamicum DNA. By subsequent subcloning into the plasmid pUC8 and deletion analysis, the ppc gene could be located on a 3.3 kb SalI fragment. This fragment was able to complement the E. coli ppc mutant and conferred PEP carboxylase activity to the mutant. The complete nucleotide sequence of the ppc gene including 5' and 3' flanking regions has been determined and the primary structure of PEP carboxylase was deduced. The sequence predicts a 919 residue protein product (molecular weight of 103 154) which shows 34% similarity with the respective E. coli enzyme.

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