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J Assoc Physicians India. 1989 Mar;37(3):213-6.

Assessment of progression of chronic renal failure--using reciprocal of serum creatinine.


Twenty-seven patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) were studied over a period of 6 to 57 months. The mean serum creatinine (Scr.) was 4 mg/dl. All patients were started on conservative therapy. The rate of progression of renal failure was assessed by least square linear regression analysis using reciprocal of Scr. (1/Scr.) versus time plots. Group I (13 patients) showed steady progression to end-stage renal failure (mean slope 0.013328). 7 of 13 patients had chronic glomerulonephritis. 11 had nephrotic proteinuria. In group II (14 patients), the regression line remained static indicating arrest of progression of renal disease (mean slope 0.0087858). 6 of 14 had nephrosclerosis. 3 had nephrotic proteinuria. We conclude that (1) assessment of progression of CRF by linear regression analysis of 1/Scr. vs time is a useful method. (2) persistent nephrotic proteinuria is an adverse longterm risk factor. (3) conservative therapy has a definite role in the management of CRF.

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