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J Am Chem Soc. 2016 Oct 12;138(40):13179-13182. Epub 2016 Sep 30.

Catalytic Anti-Markovnikov Transformations of Hindered Terminal Alkenes Enabled by Aldehyde-Selective Wacker-Type Oxidation.

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Warren and Katharine Schlinger Laboratory for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology , Pasadena, California 91125, United States.


A new strategy for the functionalization of sterically hindered terminal olefins is reported. Alkenes bearing quaternary carbons at the allylic or homoallylic position are readily oxidized to the corresponding aldehydes by palladium/copper/nitrite catalysis. A broad range of functional groups including esters, nitriles, silyl ethers, vinylogous esters, ketones, lactones, and β-ketoesters are tolerated under the reaction conditions. The crude aldehyde products can be transformed further, enabling direct conversion of hindered terminal alkenes to various other synthetically useful functional groups, resulting in formal anti-Markovnikov hydroamination, among other transformations.


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