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FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1989 Apr;49(2-3):263-7.

Structural gene isolation and prepeptide sequence of gallidermin, a new lanthionine containing antibiotic.

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Med-Naturwiss Forschungzentrum, Universität Tübingen, F.R.G.


Peptide antibiotics containing lanthionine and 3-methyllanthionine bridges, named lantibiotics are of increasing interest. A new lantibiotic, gallidermin, has been isolated from Staphyloccus gallinarum. Here we report the isolation of its structural gene which we name gdmA. In all lantibiotics so far studied genetically, three peptides can be formally distinguished: (i) the primary translation product, which we call the prepeptide; (ii) the propeptide lacking the leader sequence and (iii) the mature lantibiotic. Unlike the plasmid-coded epidermin, gdmA is located on the chromosome. The gdmA locus codes for a 52 amino acid residue prepeptide, consisting of an alpha-helical leader sequence of hydrophilic character, which is separated from the C-terminus (propeptide) by a characteristic proteolytic processing site (Pro-2 Arg-1 Ile1). Although pro-gallidermin differs from pro-epidermin (a recently isolated lantibiotic) only by a single amino acid residue exchange. Leu instead of Ile, the N-terminus of the prepeptide differs by an additional two exchanges.

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