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APMIS. 1989 Jul;97(7):595-605.

Clinical strains of Acinetobacter classified by DNA-DNA hybridization.

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Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Lund, Malmö General Hospital, Sweden.


A collection of Acinetobacter strains consisting of 168 consecutive clinical strains and 30 type and reference strains was studied by DNA-DNA hybridization and a few phenotypic tests. The field strains could be allotted to 13 DNA groups. By means of reference strains ten of these could be identified with groups described by Bouvet & Grimont (1986), while three groups were new; they were given the numbers 13-15. The type strain of A. radioresistens--recently described by Nishimura et al. (1988)--was shown to be a member of DNA group 12, which comprised 31 clinical isolates. Of the 19 strains of A. junii, eight showed hemolytic activity on sheep and human blood agar and an additional four strains on human blood agar only. Strains of this species have previously been regarded as non-hemolytic. Reciprocal DNA pairing data for the reference strains of the DNA groups were treated by UPGMA clustering. The reference strains for A. calcoaceticus, A. baumannii and for DNA groups 3 and 13 formed a cluster with about 70% relatedness within the cluster. Other DNA groups joined at levels below 60%.

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