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Environ Sci Technol. 2016 Sep 6;50(17):9717-26. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.6b03301. Epub 2016 Aug 24.

Linking Oxidative Stress and Magnitude of Compensatory Responses with Life-Stage Specific Differences in Sensitivity of White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) to Copper or Cadmium.

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School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan , Saskatoon, SK S7N 5C8, Canada.
Toxicology Centre, University of Saskatchewan , Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B3, Canada.
Toxicology Graduate Program, University of Saskatchewan , Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B3, Canada.
Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, University of Saskatchewan , Saskatoon, SK S7N 5B4, Canada.
Zoology Department, Center for Integrative Toxicology, Michigan State University , East Lansing, Michigan 48824, United States.
School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong , Hong Kong, SAR 999077, China.
Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University , Hong Kong, SAR 999077, China.


Sensitivity of white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) to copper (Cu) or cadmium (Cd) has been shown to significantly differ as a function of life-stage. This study investigated oxidative stress, metal homeostasis, and associated compensatory responses as potential mechanisms of this sensitivity pattern in three early life-stages. Sturgeon were most sensitive to Cu at 15 days post hatch (dph), which was accompanied by a significant increase in lipid peroxidation (LPO). Genes involved with amelioration of oxidative stress were significantly less inducible at this stage than in older, less sensitive fry. At 48 dph, acute lethality of sturgeon exposed to Cd was greatest and body LPO was significantly induced by 3.5-fold at 5 μg Cd/L. Moreover, there was a small but significant increase in antioxidative responses. At 139 dph, sturgeon were most tolerant to Cu and Cd and accumulation of these metals was least. Also, expression of metallothionein (MT) and apoptotic genes were greatest while expression of metal transporters was reduced and concentration of LPO was not different from controls. Our results suggest that life-stage specific sensitivity of white sturgeon to metals is complex, encompassing differences in the ability to mount compensatory responses important for metal homeostasis and combating oxidative stress and concomitant damages.

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