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Br J Nutr. 2016 Aug;116(4):639-47. doi: 10.1017/S0007114516002348.

Effects of a dietary strawberry powder on parameters of vascular health in adolescent males.

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1Department of Nutrition,University of California, Davis,One Shields Avenue,Davis,CA 95616,USA.
2Department of Urology,University of California Davis Medical Center;4860 Y Street,Suite 2200 Sacramento,CA 95817,USA.


Previous studies have shown that the intake of freeze-dried strawberry powder (FDSP) improves select markers of cardiovascular health in adults with cardiovascular risk factors; however, whether these improvements can be observed in at-risk adolescents is unknown. A randomised, double-blind, cross-over study enrolled twenty-five overweight or obese males, aged 14-18 years, to consume 50 g of a FDSP or a control powder, daily for 1 week. Before and after each test period, measures of microvascular function, plasma nitrate/nitrite, platelet reactivity and blood lipids were collected at baseline and acutely 1 h after FDSP intake. Acute plasma nitrate/nitrite levels increased 1 h after consuming the FDSP during Study Visit 1 before daily FDSP intake (P<0·001) and during Study Visit 2 after 1 week of FDSP intake (P<0·001) compared with control powder intake. As a group, fasting nitrate/nitrite levels did not significantly change after 1 week of control or FDSP intake. However, for those individuals where fasting nitrate levels increased after short-term FDSP intake compared with controls, an increase in reactive hyperaemia index (RHI) was observed (P=0·014), whereas RHI was unchanged in those individuals who did not have a significant increase in nitrate (P=0·396). Taken together, these data support the concept that strawberries can provide vascular health benefits to heavier adolescent males.


CV cardiovascular; FDSP freeze-dried strawberry powder; NO nitric oxide; Nitrate; Obese adolescents; PAT peripheral arterial tonometry; Peripheral arterial tonometry; RHI reactive hyperaemia index; Strawberry powder; fRHI Framingham reactive hyperaemia index

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