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J Proteome Res. 2016 Nov 4;15(11):4039-4046. Epub 2016 Aug 22.

Targeted Quantitative Screening of Chromosome 18 Encoded Proteome in Plasma Samples of Astronaut Candidates.

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Institute of Biomedical Chemistry , 119121, Moscow, Russia.
Institute of Medico-Biological Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences , 123007, Moscow, Russia.


This work was aimed at estimating the concentrations of proteins encoded by human chromosome 18 (Chr 18) in plasma samples of 54 healthy male volunteers (aged 20-47). These young persons have been certified by the medical evaluation board as healthy subjects ready for space flight training. Over 260 stable isotope-labeled peptide standards (SIS) were synthesized to perform the measurements of proteins encoded by Chr 18. Selected reaction monitoring (SRM) with SIS allowed an estimate of the levels of 84 of 276 proteins encoded by Chr 18. These proteins were quantified in whole and depleted plasma samples. Concentration of the proteins detected varied from 10-6 M (transthyretin, P02766) to 10-11 M (P4-ATPase, O43861). A minor part of the proteins (mostly representing intracellular proteins) was characterized by extremely high inter individual variations. The results provide a background for studies of a potential biomarker in plasma among proteins encoded by Chr 18. The SRM raw data are available in ProteomeXchange repository (PXD004374).


C-HPP; human chromosome 18 (Chr 18); plasma proteome; selected reaction monitoring (SRM); targeted proteomics

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