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J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2016 Feb;16(2):1537-40.

Controlled Fabrication of Si Nanowires with Nanodots Using Nanosphere Lithography.


In this paper, we introduce an easy method for fabricating Si nanowires with nanodots using nanosphere lithography. First, a self-assembly ordered single layer of polystyrene nanospheres with a diameter of 220 nm was prepared on Si substrate. Secondly, the polystyrene spheres monolayer was etched by 02 with different time from 10 s to 35 s. After this etching process, the polystyrene nanowires between polystyrene spheres were fabrication. If the etching time was longer than 35 s, there were no polystyrene nanowires. Thereafter, the following etching process with carbon fluoride was performanced. The polystyrene nanowires and nanosphers were worked as masks. Finally, the Si nanowires with nanodots were formed. The size and morphology can be controlled by etching process. This technique for forming nanostructure arrays using nanosphere lithography can be applied in many areas of science and technology.

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