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Opt Express. 2016 May 30;24(11):11626-39. doi: 10.1364/OE.24.011626.

Second-order statistics of a radially polarized cosine-Gaussian correlated Schell-model beam in anisotropic turbulence.


Recently, we introduced a new class of radially polarized cosine-Gaussian correlated Schell-model (CGCSM) beams of rectangular symmetry based on the partially coherent electromagnetic theory [Opt. Express23, 33099 (2015)]. In this paper, we extend the work to study the second-order statistics such as the average intensity, the spectral degree of coherence, the spectral degree of polarization and the state of polarization in anisotropic turbulence based on an extended von Karman power spectrum with a non-Kolmogorov power law ╬▒ and an effective anisotropic parameter. Analytical formulas for the cross-spectral density matrix elements of a radially polarized CGCSM beam in anisotropic turbulence are derived. It is found that the second-order statistics are greatly affected by the source correlation function, and the change in the turbulent statistics induces relatively small effect. The significant effect of anisotropic turbulence on the beam parameters mainly appears near╬▒=3.1, and decreases with the increase of the anisotropic parameter. Furthermore, the polarization state exhibits self-splitting property and each beamlet evolves into a radially polarized structure in the far field. Our work enriches the classical coherence theory and may be important for free-space optical communications.


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