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Yao Xue Xue Bao. 2016 Jan;51(1):93-9.

[Synthesis, biological activity and molecular docking research of N-{[(4-oxo-thiochroman-3-yl)phenyl]-methyl}acetamide derivatives as α-glucosidase inhibitors].

[Article in Chinese]


In order to develop potent antidiabetic agents that have inhibitory effect to a-glucosidase, twelve β-acetamido ketone derivatives such as N-{[(substituted-4-oxo-thiochroman-3-yl)phenyl]-methyl}acetamide are designed and synthesized through one-pot Dakin-West reaction. Their chemical structures are confirmed by 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR and HR-MS. In vitro α-glucosidase inhibition assays of compounds 4a-41 were carried out using glucose oxidase method. The result indicated that most of them possess inhibitory activity in vitro. Compound 4k showed the most potent inhibitory activity with 87.3% inhibition of α-glucosidase at the concentration of 5.39 mmol x L(-1). The structure-activity relationship of these β-acetamido ketone derivatives was discussed preliminarily. Moreover, the molecular docking method was used to study the interaction mode of compound 4k and α-glucosidase. Our results will be helpful for designing of α-glucosidase inhibitors in the future.

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