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J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2016 Jan;16(1):242-5.

Preparation and Drug-Delivery Properties of HKUST-1/GO Hybrid.


A hybrid HKUST-1/GO composite was synthesized and its drug loading and drug release abilities were investigated. The adsorption of IBU (ibuprofen) onto the surface of HKUST-1/GO and HKUST-1 composites was compared, and it was found that the addition of GO enhanced both IBU loading and stability. The addition of GO also enhanced the specific surface area. Drug release experiments on IBU loaded HKUST-1 and HKUST-1/GO were conducted, and it was found that drug release of HKUST-1/GO was slower, which can be explained by the hydrogen bonding between GO and IBU. It can be concluded that the addition of GO not only enhances drug loading, but can also achieve a more desirable slow-release of the drug.

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