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Nature. 1989 Jul 13;340(6229):144-6.

A new anatomy of the prestalk zone in Dictyostelium.

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Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Clare Hall Laboratory, South Mimms, Hertfordshire, UK.


The characteristic structure of the mature Dictyostelium culminant is created by the regionalized cellular differentiation and directed movement of prestalk cells. The front prestalk zone of the migratory slug has previously been considered to be a homogeneous tissue. Here we demonstrate, however, the existence of multiple classes of prestalk cells located in different parts or the slug anterior. The pDd56 and pDd63 genes encoding closely related extracellular matrix proteins are dependent for their expression upon DIF-1, the specific stalk-cell inducer. We have fused the promoters of the two genes to a modified chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (cat) gene to produce immunologically detectable proteins which localize to the cell nucleus. These two markers define three distinct kinds of 'prestalk' cells. One class, which we term 'prestalk A' cells, expressed the pDd63 gene. 'Prestalk B' cells express pDd56 and may also express the pDd63 gene. A third class, which we term 'prestalk 0' cells, expresses neither marker.

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