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DP  - 2016 Jun
TI  - Tobacco control in Europe: a policy review.
PG  - 151-7
LID - 10.1183/16000617.0021-2016 [doi]
AB  - Tobacco is responsible for the death of 6 million people every year globally, of 
      whom 700 000 are in Europe. Effective policies for tobacco control exist;
      however, the status of their implementation varies across the World Health
      Organization (WHO) European Region. In order to tackle the tobacco epidemic,
      action has been taken though the implementation of both legally binding and
      non-legally binding measures. This article aims to present the achievements and
      challenges of tobacco control in Europe, focussing on the available legally
      binding instruments such as the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and
      the revision of the Tobacco Products Directive at the European Union level.
      Tobacco still faces heavy lobbying of the tobacco industry, which has
      systematically contrasted policies to achieve public health objectives. The legal
      instruments for tobacco control in Europe presented here are not always
      adequately enforced in all the countries and there is certainly room for
      improving their implementation. Finally, the need for a strong political
      commitment towards the end-game of the tobacco epidemic is emphasised.
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