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Gene. 1989 Jan 30;75(1):93-107.

Actin, tubulin and H4 histone genes in three species of hypotrichous ciliated protozoa.

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Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois, Chicago 60680.


In hypotrichous ciliated protozoa, genes are transcribed in the macronucleus where the genome consists of 'gene-sized' linear DNA molecules. We have isolated clones of actin, tubulin and H4 histone macronuclear genes from Oxytricha nova, Stylonychia lemnae and Euplotes crassus in an effort to determine if they possess molecules of similar size for a given coding function, and also to determine the size range of non-coding DNA present on these molecules. Our results indicate that while the length of their non-coding DNA can vary slightly, both between different hypotrichs and within the gene family of a single organism, actin and tubulin macronuclear molecules are similarly sized. The sizes observed for these molecules support the hypothesis that each macronuclear molecule encodes a single gene. However, the H4 histone macronuclear molecules show a much wider size range and generally are much longer than necessary to encode the H4 histone. We therefore sequenced a 1700-bp H4 histone macronuclear molecule from O. nova to determine if it might possibly encode additional gene products. Sequence data reveals the presence of nine open reading frames (ORFs) greater than 100 bp in length; however, Northern hybridization analysis of the products of this DNA molecule reveals only a single transcript.

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